What is ModernPrepping.Life?

For years, I’ve been watching the prepping industry and how it’s evolved. Or not evolved.

There’s a ton of prepping sites out there – prepping being the act of preparing for impending doom in some way, shape or fashion. Preppers are also known as survivalists or retreaters. Or crazies. It’s not been a positive term over the years.

But the fact of the matter is we’re getting closer and closer to the 2 degrees Celsius limit and growing repercussions from hitting this point. And prepping continues to be a very politically and religiously charged hobby for people who live in rural communities, for the most part.

I’m not a survivalist expert. I’m not religious. I’m not political. I just have a vested interest in keeping my family alive over the next several decades and I’m keen on helping others prepare for possible changes over the next few years, too. If anything, my husband and I are more into the Zero Waste movement and being as sustainable now as we possibly can (which ties in a lot with prepping, truth be told) but I’m also a realist – we might be past the point of no return.

So. This site is for the people out there who don’t want to focus on prepping and may not be the typical prepper. A lot of people don’t have homesteads. A lot of people have varied life circumstances and so many prepping sites and communities treat prepping like a job or a very expensive hobby.

Not here. The goal is to help people prepare themselves for big and small disasters but also for people who don’t necessarily live in rural settings. Or have pets. Or might be pregnant. Or disabled. Or live in an apartment. Who knows.

The big thing is this site will never have any politics or proselytizing. Just modern prepping that can fit into your existing lifestyle.

Ideally, there will eventually be a store on this site. It’s important to be clear here: I’d like to provide people with knowledge but also provide useful things that either I’ve tested or my friends or family members have tested that might be helpful in the short-term or long-term. Posts won’t be biased to sell you things, if at all possible. But it’s worth it for you to know that as a reader that there may be a monetary gain on my end.

That being said, I’m super against wasteful consumerism. I want to test things as much as possible before recommending them to anyone else and this is a win-win for me to get to prepare, learn more about preparing, test out items, possibly make my own in the future and also keep them in stock for you. There’s tons of prepper sites out there with broken links galore because they recommend items that will give them a commission but then the item goes out of stock or totally off of Amazon, which feels pointless to me. I want us to have a shop we can control that can always offer the items I’ve tested and support.

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